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CV, curriculum vitae, resume

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CV, curriculum vitae, resume

CV stands for curriculum vitae – a Latin expression meaning ‘life story’. (In American English it is called a resume.) It summarises your education, achievements and job history for prospective employers and so it should be carefully prepared. A CV is usually sent with a covering letter.

1. Think about what the job involves!
2. Think about what sort of person would be choosen to do it!
3. Identify your skills that match the job description! – teamworker, creativity and leadership
4. Deisde on a layout! – make sure the layout is clear, with plenty of space
5. Review your previous experience! – think about the things you have done in the past wich might help you with this job
6. Find suitible language to describe yout experience! – use strong, positive words. Be truthful, but don’t be afraid to show off your tallents
7. Draft the first version of your CV! – try to keep it short – many employers prefer CVs to be two pages max
8. Check your CV for mistakes! – Employers won’t be interested in you if your CV is full of errors.

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