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What Is Love?

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What Is Love?

I don’t know
You know, when I was a kid
I wondered what would love be like
When it happened to me
I mean would it be the same
As loving cherry pie, riding a bike
Hey look ma, no hands
Snitching a drag on a cigarette

It would hardly seem likely
So I asked around
Hey, what is love?
The answer was always the same
You’ll know when it happens
You know, you know, people say
What a beautiful day, I love it
Oh, I love that song
Peanut brittle gets in my teeth
But I love it
Oh, I love those shoes
I love the Yankees
Me, I love ketchup on my french fries
Everything is love, love, love, love

If everybody knows everything about love
Then how come I can’t get an answer to what is love
And when I got a little older
I also wondered what would
The love of my life be called
Elsie, Helen, Maggie, Beaulah, Rosie
Then I realized it didn’t matter
Because I would always call her honey
So, what is love?

You know, when I first met you
I mean, I don’t know that I fell in love
I’m not even sure that I love you now
I only know that with you
I’m comfortable, I’m at ease
That I can be me, myself
You want to know something
You’re a headache I can put up with
Argue with, even fight with
But you’re also my aspirin
‘Cause you’re the one I want to make up with

I find that I don’t mind
Seeing in the morning with those watchyamajigs in your hair
I don’t even mind at bedtime when you take off that girdle
And you yawn and you scratch yourself
In fact, I kind of like it
It pleases me, I enjoy it
Now, if all this means I love you
Then I ahh, I guess I ahh, I love you
So, if you ask me what is love?
I’d say ahh, I think I’d say ahh
No, I’d have to say ahh
It’s you


A gentle recording by Anthony Quinn that makes a person think about … what is love?

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